Best Way to Treat Crow’s Feet

Author: Dr. Bobby Buka

Dr. Buka explains that crow’s feet come about as a result of overuse of the periocular muscles (obicularis oculi). Botox can correct this issue, relaxing the muscles that are being overused in the face. It’s the only FDA-approved way to treat crow’s feet and is administered with a small needle (our smallest, in fact). Botox will be injected and will block those neurotransmitters that contract the muscles around the eyes. In other words, the Botox reduces the amount of movement of these muscles, which will result in a considerably smoother area around the eyes whenever you smile. The treatment will not prevent you from smiling (we want you smiling more afterwards!), but will soften wrinkling around your eyes when you do.

Botox injection treatments take only a few minutes out of your day. Following the procedure, you can go about your everyday business. Overall, its effect will set in anywhere between 5 to 7 days. You will begin to notice the lines around your eyes smoothing out, looking less tired.