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Acne Treatment

We help you fight back against acne and acne scarring with our professionally administered, holistic range of treatments.

hair loss treatments in new york city

Alopecia (Hair Loss)

No matter the cause of your hair loss, we’ll develop an intensive, customized regimen to regrow the hair you remember….safely and swiftly.

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Annual Skin Cancer Exam

The purpose of a skin exam is to identify any suspicious growths, moles, or other changes to your skin that may seem normal and acceptable to you, but could harbor potentially dangerous effects down the line.

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Dysplastic Nevi (Atypical Moles)

That atypical mole you've been ignoring could be pre-cancerous. Let us take a look before things get out of hand.

Eczema Treatment

Whether you have an annoying red patch on your arm or an infected rash over your whole body, we'll match our therapeutic approach to your condition’s severity.

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Excimer Laser for Psoriasis

Excimer laser improves certain skin conditions by shutting down the immune cells of the skin which are overactive in many skin diseases.

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Excimer Laser for Vitiligo

Excimer laser improves certain skin conditions by shutting down the immune cells of the skin which are overactive in many skin diseases.

Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV 1)

We'll discuss and examine the severity of your symptoms, and provide a treatment plan best for your situation.

Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV 2)

We prescribe antiviral medications that decrease the appearance of HSV sores, and can prevent future outbreaks too.

HPV On Human Skin

Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

Got genital warts? We'll gauge the severity of the infection and get you on a specific plan to help you best remove them.

Keloid Scar Treatment

The two best ways to treat keloids? Cortisone injections and pulse dye laser treatments.

The Dermatology Specialists MiraDry

MiraDry to Reduce Underarm Sweat

Imagine being free from the embarrassment and discomfort of underarm sweat for good.


Professional Wart Removal

Warts are never dangerous, but they’re always unwelcome. Treatments range from over-the-counter products to liquid nitrogen and laser therapy.

Psoriasis Treatments

Suffering from psoriasis? Come on in and let’s have a look. (In the meantime, avoid psoriatic triggers like stress and tobacco.)

rosacea treatments in new york city


While there’s no "cure" for rosacea, there are some amazing therapies available at our office to get your rosacea cleared up fast.

Skin Cancer Basal Cell

These are the most common form of skin cancer, accounting for over 80% of all skin cancers!

Skin Cancer Melanoma

Early detection for melanoma is critical because melanoma can spread through the blood stream to vital organs very quickly.

Skin Cancer Squamous Cell

Unlike basal cell cancers (which can take years to spread) squamos cell carcinoma (SCC) can do so more rapidly. That's why we recommend skin checks at least once a year.