Legal vs. Ethical Dilemmas in Dermatology

AMERICAN ACADEMY OF DERMATOLOGY — This month, Dermatology World consults with legal-medical experts on areas of legal versus ethical overlap for dermatologists. Dr. Bobby Buka…

A New Dawn for Treatments in Hyperhidrosis

THE DERMATOLOGIST — Hyperhidrosis affects 2% to 3% of the US population and can significantly decrease a patient’s quality of life. The condition…

16 Under-The-Radar Skin Care Products Dermatologists Swear By

HUFFPOST — Finding new products is usually a matter of scrolling forums, reading reviews and watching YouTube videos. And while picking up skin…

All the Health Advice From Kourtney Kardashian’s Poosh, Ranked

COSMOPOLITAN — This summer, Kourtney Kardashian blessed the people with her lifestyle website, Poosh. “I get endless questions about food, kids, beauty, and…

Acne scarring skin of color

Laser Therapy Advancements: Acne Scarring for Skin of Color

MODERN AESTHETICS — Lasers are one of the top nonsurgical cosmetic procedures in the country, touted for their ability to remove dark spots,…

Wirey Chin Hairs

This Is Why Those Wiry Hairs Suddenly Appear On Your Chin—And How To Get Rid Of Them

SIMPLEMOST — Why do women get chin hair? The coarse, wiry chin hairs do have an official name: They’re called “terminal hairs,” explains…

pediatric skincare routine

Guiding Parents Through A Safe and Effective Pediatric Skincare Routine

PRACTICAL DERMATOLOGY — A snapshot of critical information you’ll need at the ready when it comes time to make a recommendation for your…

women applying sunscreen on face

10 Sun-Care Products That Dermatologists Use

EVERYDAY HEALTH — Find out what the pros use to protect their skin from the sun’s harmful rays — in summertime and beyond.…

cartoon of women sweating

Summer sweating vs. exercise sweating vs. sweat lodge sweating — what’s the difference?

GRATEFUL — Sweat is sweat, right? It may be bad logic, but with new trends like sweat lodges costing $70 a session, it…

Dr. Bobby Buka The Dermatology Specialists

Point/Counterpoint: Is Cosmetic Specialization Hurting Dermatology?

PRACTICAL DERMATOLOGY — Dr. Bobby Buka of The Dermatology Specialists weighs in on the effects of cosmetic specialization dermatology. Read the full article…

This is what causes red skin, and here’s how to fix it

HELLOGIGGLES — Why does skin get so red, and how can you make it go away? Dr. Bobby Buka of The Dermatology Specialists…

We asked experts about the importance of pH in skin care, and proceeded to test all of our products

HELLOGIGGLES — Is balancing your skin’s pH the missing key to perfect skin? Dr. Bobby Buka of The Dermatology Specialists is here with…

bobby buka headshot

Finding the Right Path for You

MODERN AESTHETICS — Dr. Bobby Buka of The Dermatology Specialists shares how he moved from a primarily medical practice to a group of…

hand lotion

New Dermatology Office Meets Bushwick’s Skincare Demands

PATCH — The Dermatology Specialists opened its tenth location on Myrtle Avenue in Bushwick on June 10th. Get all the information by reading…

The Dermatology Specialists TDS Logo

Buka Derm & Brooklyn Derm Are Now The Dermatology Specialists (TDS)

Bobby Buka MD Dermatology and Brooklyn Dermatology Merge to Form Enhanced Practice, The Dermatology Specialists New Practice Will Be Jointly Led by Two…

the dermatology specialists south street seaport office

OPENINGS: The Dermatology Specialists

LIFE BELOW CANAL — No matter your age, taking care of your skin is a full-time job…just ask Dr. Bobby Buka, who recently…

women with curly hair

Get Your Best Beauty Sleep with These Nighttime Hair, Skin & Nail Hacks

VITAL PROTEINS — While you might already have a bedtime beauty routine set in place, it’s time to take things up a notch…

boy with rash

Home Remedies to Treat Ringworm in Kids: 9 Safe Ways

TOP 10 HOME REMEDIES — A ringworm infection, contrary to what the name suggests, is actually caused by a fungus rather than a…

indian lilac for minor wounds

10 Home Remedies for Minor Wounds

TOP 10 HOME REMEDIES — Bobby Buka, MD, founder of Bobby Buka MD Dermatology and contributing founder and chief science officer of the First Aid…

people in hallway

What Is a Dermatoscope?

SCARY SYMPTOMS — Bobby Buka, MD, founder of Bobby Buka MD Dermatology and contributing founder and chief science officer of the First Aid Beauty skincare line,…

girl smiling

Can a Teenager Get Melanoma in the Mouth?

SCARY SYMPTOMS — Bobby Buka, MD, founder of Bobby Buka MD Dermatology and contributing founder and chief science officer of the First Aid Beauty skincare line,…


What Causes a Pimple to Be Purple? Could Cancer?

SCARY SYMPTOMS — Bobby Buka, MD, founder of Bobby Buka MD Dermatology and contributing founder and chief science officer of the First Aid Beauty skincare line,…


Pink Line or Stripe On Fingernail or Toenail Can Be Melanoma

SCARY SYMPTOMS — Bobby Buka, MD, founder of Bobby Buka MD Dermatology and contributing founder and chief science officer of the First Aid Beauty skincare line,…

lady smiling

What a Dermatologist Can Tell Just By Looking at You

THRIVE GLOBAL — Dermatologists can tell a lot about your lifestyle and history (and maybe even your future) just by looking at your…

office image

Here’s How 7 Celebrity Cosmetic Doctors Are “Enhancing” Their Office Decor

ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST —  The Dermatology Specialists know that their businesses can benefit from a face-lift too. They have collaborated with interior decorators to…

Bobby Buka NBC Farm to Skin Program

Bobby Buka’s Farm to Skin Program

What’s the difference between food and medicine? According to leading NYC dermatologist Dr. Bobby Buka, not as much as you might think. “Both…

woman scratching back of neck

7 Fascinating Signs Your Itchiness Is Actually A Larger Health Issue

BUSTLE — It’s totally common to be itchy from time to time. However, if the feeling sticks around, sometimes that itchiness can be…

self consciousness book by john updike

Top 10 Books on Psoriasis

HEALTH CENTRAL — When you first get a diagnosis of psoriasis, it’s natural to feel out of your depth. Also, because psoriasis is…

Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl Peroxide Fights Man Stink Better Than Deodorant

FATHERLY — There’s a time in a man’s life when he is briefly proud of how strong, unique, and powerful his body odor…

woman using face wipe

15 Affordable, Dermatologist-Recommended Skin Care Products

ZWIVEL — Are you looking for an inexpensive, easy-to-follow skin care routine? Does the plethora of choices online or at your local drugstore…

beauty shot

I Took Collagen ‘Beauty Shots’ For A Month—Here’s What Happened

THE VITAMIN SHOPPE — With advice from Bobby Buka, MD, founder of Bobby Buka MD Dermatology and contributing founder and chief science officer of…

illustration of hand rash

What Is Psoriasis?

PREVENTION — Everybody’s skin gets dry and a little flaky once in a while, and usually, it’s easy to clear up—all it takes…

woman scratching elbow

The 5 Types of Psoriasis

PREVENTION — We all get rashes from time to time from exposure to additives, certain metals, plants, and allergens. But what if your…

glycolic acid

The Alchemy of Glycolic Acid: Safety Precautions and Products to Buy

ZWIVEL — Glycolic acid addresses skin issues by exfoliating dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface of the epidermis and contribute to…

cryotherapy facial treatment

Freezing Your Face with ‘Frotox’: The Facts Behind Cryotherapy Facials

ZWIVEL — Cryotherapy facials—aka frotox—are the newest installment in celebrity facial trends. See what Bobby Buka, MD, founder of Bobby Buka MD Dermatology and…

little girl getting sunblock applied to her back

The Worst Sunscreens Of 2018 For Kids Have Inaccurate SPF Labels: Report

HUFFPOST — Parents trust that sunscreen they buy for their kids is safe, but a new report by the Environmental Working Group (EWG)…

woman applying face lotion

Does Argireline Work? We Asked Skin Experts About This ‘Botox in a Jar’

ZWIVEL — Bobby Buka, MD, founder of Bobby Buka MD Dermatology and contributing founder and chief science officer of the First Aid Beauty skincare line, notes…

woman in tanning bed

4 Proven Ways to Treat Psoriasis

PREVENTION — Psoriasis is a skin condition that affects approximately 7.5 million people in the United States. Bobby Buka, MD, founder of Bobby…

cystic acne on face

Treating Cystic Acne: 6 Highly Effective Prescription-Strength Solutions

ZWIVEL — Cystic acne is the most severe form of acne. It is also resistant to common acne treatments, especially over-the-counter products. Fortunately,…


7 Products That Will Banish Your Body Acne for Good

PREVENTION — In a recent interview with, Dr. Buka offers advice for those who struggle with acne on the chest, back, or…

moles on neck

20 Worst Pieces of Health Advice on the Internet

READER’S DIGEST — Some of the tips you see on social media and “healthy-living” blogs won’t work, and others are downright dangerous. “There’s…

woman pulling hair

Scalp Psoriasis Treatments Dermatologists Love

PREVENTION — Soothe your itching and control your scales with scalp psoriasis shampoos, drugs, and home remedies. Dandruff shampoos like Selsun Blue or Head & Shoulders might help…

woman applying lipstick

Counterfeit Makeup a Rip-Off… and a Health Danger

HEALTHLINE — After a Los Angeles raid uncovered counterfeit cosmetics with animal waste, experts are warning the public about the dangers of buying…

Woman Showering

What happens to your body when you stop showering?

THE LINE — After a recent study suggested that people should only once per day, we go to thinking: what happens to your…

dermatologist examining pediatric patient

Carbunculosis: Causes and Effective Treatment Options

ZWIVEL — “The fancy word for a boil is a furuncle,” says Bobby Buka, MD, founder of Bobby Buka MD Dermatology and contributing founder…

skin care products

5 Things You Should Always Remember When You Read Skin Care Packaging

THE KLOG — There’s never been a better time to know how to read skin care packaging smarter. Bobby Buka, MD, founder of…

woman with acne

7 Health Issues Affecting Young People More Than Their Parents

BUSTLE — Bobby Buka spoke to Bustle author “I see millennials coming to me earlier and for smaller issues that their parents would…

coffee on skin

Exfoliants That Will Rejuvenate Your Skin

Exfoliants That Will Renew and Rejuvenate Your Skin DERMSTORE — New York dermatologist Bobby Buka, M.D. talks to Janeca Racho of about…

dry skin lotion

You can develop “hard skin”

THE LIST — It isn’t just dry, flaky, or smelly skin you have to worry about. If you stop showering, your skin can…

hollitic skin-care tips

Dr. Bobby Speaks With Gabby Bernstein

GABBYBERNSTEIN.COM — Dr. Bobby Buka speaks with life coach and best selling author Gabby Bernstein. The duo talk about Prana farms, hollistic tips…


The One Unsuspecting Beauty Product You Should Use Year-Round

SHE SAID — Dr. Amy Spizuoco of Buka Dermatology was interviewed by Luisa Colón of “Hydrating the skin maintains skin integrity and…

illustration of air conditioner

15 Eczema Causes You Might Be Ignoring

READER’S DIGEST — If you’re itching for relief, your first step should be avoiding these common eczema causes that may be provoking your…


Skin Picking Disorder & The Mind-Skin Relationship

DERMSTORE.COM — I only get my nails done about once a year because I don’t like paying for something I’m going to ruin—by…


Expert Advice on How to Tighten Skin (Face, Neck & Body)

DERMSTORE.COM — Loose skin: it’s one of the most tell-tale signs of aging. From the underarms to the neck and even to the…


Can a Hot Bath Deliver the Same Results as Exercise?

HEALTHLINE — There’s perhaps no better elixir than soaking in warm water after a long day. Many of us can attest to the relaxing…


10 Skin Care Secrets You’ve Probably Never Heard Before

DERMSTORE.COM — Everyone is always on the lookout for good skin care advice, but it can get old hearing the same repetitive suggestions.…


Bobby Buka MD to Open 7th Dermatology Office in Kips Bay

PRWEB.COM — Dr. Bobby Buka and his team at Bobby Buka MD Dermatology are thrilled to announce the expansion of their dermatology practice to Kips…


11 Old Wives’ Tales About Women’s Health Issues That Are Actually Totally True

BUSTLE.COM — If you take a look at the history of medicine, it’s kind of scary what we used to think and believe, as…


6 Reasons You Should Shower At Night & Not In The Morning, According To Science

BUSTLE — If you’re a morning shower, listen up. There might be more reason to shower in the evening, based on science… Read…


I Tried 8 Natural Deodorants So You Wouldn’t Have To. This One Was The Clear Winner.

PREVENTION.COM — Since the last time I investigated the all-natural section of the deodorant aisle, the options have expanded—a lot. That’s no big…


Women’s Health Magazine Skin Cancer Report

WOMENSHEALTHMAG.COM — You found an iffy mole. It might be cancerous–and could become deadly within weeks. Yet the dermatologist will not see you now, or…

bobby-buka-md-bustle-bath-interview 2

5 Gross Things You Probably Don’t Realize You Should Avoid Doing In The Bath

BUSTLE.COM — Taking a bath is supposed to be a relaxing, zen experience, all while getting yourself clean at the same time. However, if…

Bobby Buka MD Parsley Health Youthful Glow

Never Lose Your Youthful Glow

PARSLEY HEALTH — When we think about aging, wrinkles are the first thing that comes to mind. Some people say the lines on our…


The Sunshine Remedy: Why a daily dose of unfiltered sun may be essential for better health

THEEPOCHTIMES.COM — The sun also influences our body and mind in ways that modern science is only beginning to appreciate. Read More at

bobby buka md-woman-applying-skin-cream-in-mirror-lg

Are These Toxic Ingredients In Your Skincare Products?

CAREDASH — Finding a skincare product that does what it promises is no small feat. While these products are regulated by the Food…

worse acne during summer

Yes, Your Acne Is Worse in the Summer—but Here’s How You Can Get Rid of It

READERS DIGEST — Most of us tend to reflect upon summer in a fond light: lazy beach days, a bounty of festivals, and endless…


7 Skin Conditions That Look Like Acne but Aren’t

READERS DIGEST — Rosacea is a chronic, inflammatory disorder often confused with acne. “While there are multiple types, the two most common include redness…

Bobby Buka Logo

NYC Dermatologist Bobby Buka Adds Sixth Location in Long Island City

PR NEWSWIRE — Dr. Bobby Buka and his team at Bobby Buka MD are excited to announce the opening of their sixth location…

Dr. Bobby Buka comments on Banana Boat Burns

Banana Boat Says Its Sunscreens Cannot Cause Chemical Burns

CTV NEWS — Though a growing number of Canadian parents are alleging that Banana Boat sunscreens left their children with burns and blisters,…

9 Surprising Things You Don’t Realize Are Going To Ruin Your Tattoo

ROMPER.COM — Getting a tattoo is exciting, especially if it’s something that you’ve wanted for a long time. Like any big decision, however,…

bug bites on skin

Ew! Beauty: Bug Bites Versus Your Skin

NYLON — Let’s face it: Along with summer’s heat, humidity, and other sweat-inducing qualities comes a ton of gross beauty problems. From dry,…

dr jody levine

The Best Baby Shampoo

REVIEWS.COM — The best baby shampoo should be as gentle as possible, leaving hair clean but avoiding ingredients that could dry or irritate…

abs partners

Celebrity dermatologist Bobby Buka opening medical office at ABS’ 247 East 28th

REAL ESTATE WEEKLY — New York-based dermatologist Dr. Bobby Buka, who counts celebrities Sarah Jessica Parker and Julianne Moore as patients, will open…

tattoo need to know

Getting a Tattoo? Here’s What You Need to Know About Moldy Ink

SELF.COM — Looking to get inked? You’ll definitely want to check out the Food and Drug Administration’s updated tattoo consumer recommendations before going…

medical myths

10 Common Medical Myths You Probably Believed

BRIT.CO — When it comes to our health, most of us will do just about anything to ensure that we’re staying vigilant and…

Bobby Buka Dehydration and Alcohol

What Really Happens to Your Body When You Drink

THELIST.COM — Whether it’s a fruity piña colada during a tropical summer vacation, or a glass of Merlot while catching up with girlfriends on…

janet choi md

50 Signs You’re Healthy from Every Type of Doctor

RD.COM — Not everyone has an apple a day, so how do you know if you’re healthy enough to keep the doctor away?…

Bobby Buka Olay TODAY

11 Drugstore Essentials to Transition Your Skin to Spring

TODAY.COM — Like the weather or your wardrobe, your skin’s needs change from winter to spring. TODAY Style talked to industry insiders to…

new atopic dermatitis treatment

Breakthroughs in Atopic Dermatitis Treatment

LIFESCRIPT — Patients with atopic dermatitis, a chronic inflammatory skin condition that causes red, itchy rashes, have new options to treat symptoms and flare-ups.…

Bobby Buka Bustle Beauty Mistakes

11 Common Beauty Mistakes That Can Age & Damage Your Skin Without You Even Realizing It

BUSTLE.COM — Most of us have a pretty set beauty routine, whether it’s your makeup in the morning or your moisturizing and exfoliating at…

Bobby Buka Health Mistakes While Flying

8 Surprisingly Bad Health Mistakes You’re Making While Flying & How To Fix Them

BUSTLE.COM — Whether you travel for fun or for work, you’re likely focused on packing your bags properly and getting to the airport on…

best treatments for broken capillaries

10 Ways to Erase Broken Capillaries—and Prevent Them Completely

RD.COM — If you could Photoshop your face, you’d likely edit out any broken capillaries, those unsightly red spots that show up on our…

Bobby Buka Wedding Tools

High-Tech Beauty Tools to Get Your Skin in Tip-Top Shape Before Your Wedding

BRIDES.COM — Dreaming of clearer, smoother, softer skin for your big day? There are a few pre-wedding beauty treatments that are a must.…

Bobby Buka Sex Dermatologist

How And When To Have Sex For Optimal Skin: A Dermatologist Explains

MINDBODYGREEN.COM — Patients at our office often ask me about behavioral modification when trying to control various skin conditions ranging from acne to…

Bobby Buka Healthination

Dr. Bobby Buka On How To Treat Acne

HEALTHI NATION – In this video, Dr. Bobby Buka explains how to treat acne breakouts. For most of us, acne is mild. If this…

Treating Acne

HEALTHI NATION —  Do you have mild or severe Acne? Check out the different types of treatment options for you. Click Here To…

sugar and acne

3 Foods to Avoid If You Struggle With Acne

BYRDIE — Acne at any age can take an emotional toll. So when there’s literally anything we can do to prevent it, we listen up. We all…

Bobby Buka Tonics

5 Plants to Grow Now & Drink Later in a Tonic

MINDBODYGREEN.COM — Long before beauty counters, makeovers, and fluorescent lights, magis concocted magical, potent recipes from a variety of local sources. Plains Indians…

male beard colors

Here’s Why Some Men’s Beards Are A Different Color Than Their Hair

HUFFINGTON POST — Judging by what’s on the Internet, we understand why it might seem like every single guy in the world has…

Bobby Buka Marijuana Cannabis Skin Care Dermatology

Cannabis Will Be The Next Hot Skincare Ingredient

HIGHTIMES.COM — Researchers and dermatologists, including Dr. Buka believe that cannabis will be the next big ingredient of choice for the beauty industry.…

Bobby Buka Common Gross Conditions

6 Gross (but Common!) Conditions Parents Don’t Talk About

PARENTS.COM — Though most parents know that catching something like molluscum, ringworm, or scabies has nothing to do with the cleanliness of their…

beard benefits

8 Benefits To Having A Beard

HUFFINGTON POST- Beards are not only crazy hot (hey, its science), they’re actually good for you. So if someone ever brings up that one study that found…

marijuana and impact on skin

This Is What Happens to Your Beauty on Marijuana

YAHOO — If you want to maximize your gorgeousness, you know it’s smart to work out regularly, eat a healthy diet, and get…

best foods for skin

The Most Beautifying Foods on Earth

SAKARA — When you hear the words “inner beauty,” maybe you think of traits like character, gratitude and generosity…and those traits certainly are beautiful.…

beard looks like pubic hair

Expert Explains Why A Beard Is Technically Pubic Hair On Your Face

HUFFINGTON POST — The term puberty is a direct descendant of “pubertatum,” the Latin word for “age of maturity” and manhood, as well as “pubertis” (“adult,…

dermatologist advice for skin care products

The Worst Skin Care Advice Dermatologists Have Ever Heard

GREATIST — From strict dietary restrictions to crazy home remedies and insanely expensive (not to mention insanely tiny) jars of “miracle” products, there are…

Dr. Bobby Buka Eczema Remedy

Natural Eczema Remedies You Haven’t Tried Yet

SHAPE — Dry, itchy, and flaky skin is practically inevitable this time of year (these winter skin fixes can help). But if you’re one…

Bobby Buka Cosmetic Town Journal

Dr. Bobby Buka Talks Acne Treatments With Cosmetic Town Journal

COSMETIC TOWN JOURNAL – Before discussing any acne treatments, it is important to know the three causes of acne. They are: 1.    Bacterial 2.   …


The Ultimate Guide to Winter-Proofed Skin

VANITY FAIR — “Drinking lots of water” may be a clichéd answer by Hollywood elite to questions about one’s beauty routine. But as it…

ablative laser resurfacing

Understanding Non-Ablative Laser Skin Resurfacing

COSMETIC TOWN JOURNAL – The use of non-ablative lasers is preferred by many patients because they are far less invasive than ablative lasers (a…

adult acne tips

5 Essential Steps to Treating Adult Acne

WOMEN’S HEALTH MAG – Having the skin of a 15-year-old might sound heavenly (Firm! Smooth! Glowing!)—unless it’s pimple-plagued. Tricky thing is, adult acne can act…

skin care myths that are false


HEALTHINATION — We asked HealthiNation’s dermatologist, Dr. Bobby Buka, to talk about some of most common questions he receives from his patients on a…

best anti-aging creams

How To Select and Anti-Aging Creme

HEALTHINATION — It happens to everybody, eventually. Our skin starts to show visible signs of aging in the form of fine lines and wrinkles…

chinese medicine acne treatment

How Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Treat Acne

MINDBODYGREEN — Though Chinese medicine has been practiced for over 4,000 years, it wasn’t widely accepted in the Western world until fairly recently. Dermatology,…

skin cancer prevention facts

The Single Biggest Factors In Skin Cancer Prevention

HEALTHINATION — Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States, but fortunately it can be one of the easiest…

winter skin

5 Tips For Your Best Winter Skin

HEALTHINATION — It’s no secret that the colder months are not kind to our skin. Harsh winds combined with frigid temperatures can cause dryness,…

Botox Helping with “Just Been to the Salon” Look

GOOD MORNING AMERICA — Click to check out Dr. Buka’s segment on Good Morning America! He talks about how Botox injections around the…

Bobby Buka Aloha Magazine

Dr. Buka featured in ALOHA Magazine

ALOHA.COM — As the season turns to one of chapped lips and flaking skin, my patients start to ask about additional measures they…

Bobby Buka Psoriasis HealthiNation

Psoriasis on HealthiNation

Learn from Dr. Bobby Buka how psoriasis develops, the different types, symptoms, and treatment options. Watch the video here.

Acne Tips from Dr. Bobby

Got annoying acne? Learn to prevent and treat breakouts from dermatologist Dr. Bobby Buka. Click Here For Video

Treating Psoriasis

Learn important steps toward treating your own psoriasis. Click Here For Video

summer skin problems

5 Surprising Summer Skin Problems And How To Avoid Them

HUFFINGTON POST — Summer is “officially” almost here, but for many of us the season has already begun with long evenings spent by the…

Dr Bobby Buka Today Show

Dr. Buka on The Today Show

Despite the fact that tanning gives us wrinkles, more and more people are tanning year-round. See what Dr. Bobby Buka says about the…

microbeeds for skin

Why Use Microbeads When The Alternatives Are Better?

HUFFINGTON POST — Last week, New York state officials announced the Microbead-Free Waters Act that, if passed, will ban microbeads. Naturally, after all of…

laser treatment on leg

Curate Your Laser Collections

THE DERMATOLOGIST — There are hundreds of lasers and lights used in the field of dermatology, none of which are inexpensive, so it is…

marijuana and skin care

Marijuana Might Be Affecting Your Skin… And Not In The Ways You Thought

HUFFINGTON POST — Weed, grass, Mary Jane, pot… call it whatever you’d like, but marijuana has been around long before 1937’s “Reefer Madness“ warned…

Bobby Buka MD Dermatology Accutane

Everything You Need to Know About Accutane Before Taking It

FASHIONISTA — Accutane may bring up images of acne-cursed teens, but adults well into their twenties and thirties are going on it. It’s…

man holding face

Quick Tips: Does touching your face cause acne breakouts?

HOWSTUFFWORKS — One possible cause of recent breakouts might be your cell phone. Since you’re often touching it all day long (especially if it’s…

face pad

A DIY Guide to Exfoliating Face Scrubs

HOWSTUFFWORKS — Ask anyone with a healthy, glowing complexion, and they’ll tell you exfoliation is an important part of their skin care routine. Our…

allergy pill

Are Oral Acne Medications Good For Your Skin And Overall Health?

HOWSTUFFWORKS — Pimples can be painful, both literally and figuratively (it’s hard to feel confident with a face full of acne). Luckily, there…

We’ve teamed up with Zocdoc to help dermatology residents become great physicians after training.

Dr. Buka was quoted in Physician Inc.‘s “A Post-Residency Guide to Launching a Medical Career” presented by ZocDoc. “Private practice affords me the…

Bobby Buka UVBiotek

New UVBioTek for Home Phototherapy

UVBioTek Home Phototherapy units are safe and effective for treating Psoriasis, Eczema and Vitiltigo. Dr. Bobby Buka recommends UVBioTek for his patients. For…

HealthiNation & Dr. Buka: Biologics

HealthiNation and Dr. Bobby Buka teamed up to produce four videos on the “Biologics of Psoriasis” and how it can easily be treated!…


Apps Aim to Detect Skin Cancer

WSJ — Smartphone apps are inching onto the turf of doctors and medical-device makers, promising to measure heart rates, display X-ray images and detect…

closeup of women's brown eye

Trying on a Look? You Can Ask an App for Help

NYTIMES — From Aveda to Yves Saint Laurent, almost every cosmetics company offers a free app. Some advise, or let you chat with…

We’ve Published A Book!

It’s not exactly bedtime reading, but for those of you “armchair dermatologists” out there, I believe you’ll find plenty of great information on…

Tips for Dangerous Moles

Skin moles are normal, but sometimes they need a doctor’s attention and care. Dr. Bobby shows us what to watch for. Click Here…

Light Therapy

In this segment, Dr. Buka explores emerging light therapies for acne vulgaris. Click Here For Video

Acne Overview

What is Acne? Dr. Bobby Buka discusses the causes and symptoms of it.   Click Here For Video

Our iPhone app was on the Today Show!

With so much health information available at your fingertips, how do you know what to trust? TODAY contributor Dr. Roshini Raj shares the…

look expensive

How To Look Expensive

How To Look Expensive – A Beauty Editor’s Secrets To Getting Gorgeous Without Breaking the Bank By Andrea Pomerantz Lustig, Contributing Editor, Glamour…

INSIDE EDITION Investigates Counterfeit Makeup

Everyone loves a bargain, and in big cities one can often find street vendors selling what appears to be brand-name makeup at insanely…

sunscreen products

SPF beauty buys: Our 11 favorite mineral sunscreens

TODAY — Consider sunscreen, which generally comes in two varieties — mineral or chemical — and sometimes in a blend between the two. Chemical…

using pad to clean skin

Managing CA-MRSA

THE DERMATOLOGIST — Among the many countries in the world affected by community-acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (CA-MRSA), the disease is most prevalent in the…

nivea men shaving gel

Men’s Grooming Products: Are They Really Any Different From Women’s?

HUFFINGTON POST — If the contents of our local drugstore aisles are anything to go by, the answer would be “no.” His and hers…

Mount Sinai 2010 – Dr. Bobby Buka

Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Winter Symposium December 2010. Dr. Robert Buka leads a dermatology seminar on cutting-edge eczema research and therapy.

Bobby Buka Talks Eczema

Get a sneak peak at our new show!

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woman bundled up in cold weather

5 Winter Skin Myths To Avoid

HUFFINGTON POST — Wind. Not enough water. Dry indoor heat. Poor circulation. These are just some of the major dehydrators that can make skincare…

beauty trends

Skin Cancer Screening? There’s an App for That.

ALLUE — If you own an iPhone, you now have no excuse not to monitor suspicious moles on your body (not that you…

Dr. Bobby Buka ABC Sunscreen

The ABC’s Of Sunscreen With Dr. Bobby Buka

HEALTHI NATION – There is nothing better than the feeling of the warm sun against your skin on a nice summer day. But…

Preventing Acne

Dr. Bobby Buka discusses ways to prevent Acne. Click Here to View Video

cream lotion

Snailed it! Snail-slime face cream is hot beauty trend

TODAY — Snails – or more accurately, their guts and slime – have become the latest fad in skin care. Hailed for its active…

Bobby Buka Psoriasis HealthiNation

What is Psoriasis

Dr. Bobby teams up with top computer animators to better educate patients on psoriasis.   Click Here to View Video

Dr. Bobby Buka FabFitFun

Dr. Bobby Buka Discusses Luxurious Lasers With FabFitFun

FABFITFUN – Do you ever wonder how celebs achieve that “flawless” skin? Does it involve strategic airbrushing? Heavy makeup? Botox? Blood-sucking leeches? Pore-clogging cosmetics,…

Bobby Buka UVBiotek

You, Better! Season 3

Dr. Bobby Buka gives the “skinny” on skin health during the You, Better! Show, hosted by Ceslie Armstrong.

You at 30, 40, 50+

Dr. Robert Buka counsels unique, age-specific skin care for your 30s, 40s, and 50s in Health Magazine. View Link Here

What is Rosacea?

Dr. Bobby takes us through a basic understanding of acne rosacea in this HealthiNation Special Click Here For Video

Seeing Spots

Hot Picks From Celebrity Parents

Actress and mom Julianne Moore swears by Dr. Buka!

Less is more!

Dr. Bobby skin care products are perfect for sticky summer months.

Dr. Bobby scores top marks

After trying countless products on her 9 month old daughter, a mom discovers Dr. Bobby skin care works the best.

We Are Honored

Dr. Buka is highlighted as one of New York’s premiere dermatologists.

Wash-Up Fun

Dr. Bobby skin care is made good for you by a doctor and fun for you by a mom, with no added scents…

Splish Splash

Dr. Bobby irritant-free body wash is featured as a skin care favorite!

Our Skin Care is #1

The premiere magazine on shopping for children highlights Dr. Bobby skin care as one of the best products for kids.

Kids Come Clean

Dr. Buka makes house calls with his new line of skin care products.

Skin Caring

Dr. Bobby skin care is a hot pick in Westport!

Best Products

Dr. Bobby foaming hand wash is one of the best products you can buy.

Bobby Buka urban Daily

Doctor In The House

URBANBABYDAILY – Co-creators Heidi Albert and Dr. Buka spoke with thousands of consumers before creating Dr. Bobby skin care. What did they want?…

From the Beauty Expert

Dr. Bobby’s hydrocortisone stick is the Fit Pregnancy beauty expert’s favorite pick for your child…and you!

Kiddie Comfort Zone

Dr. Buka brings his popular skin care line to a great event for kids and parents.

Safe and Warm

Dr. Bobby’s moisturizing cream is the best way to keep your skin safe and warm during cold chapped months.

Doctor’s Orders: Good Clean Fun

Cookie testers loved washing their hands and didn’t bat an eye at getting shampooed with the fun to dispense Dr. Bobby skin care.

Get your kids to wash their hands…the fun way

Dr. Bobby skin care is an easy and fun way to get your kids to wash their hands…and it’s good for them, too!

Dr. Bobby at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2010

Celsie Armstrong of Momentum Women talks to us about skin tips at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2010.

Dr. Bobby on Today

Dr. Bobby talks with MSNBC’s Today Show about how to care for aging skin. Helpful tips and hints to extend the age of…

celebrity dermatologist

Introducing Top Celebrity Dermatologist Dr. Bobby Buka

JULIA ALLISON — Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the BRILLIANT and yes, incredibly handsome Dr. Bobby Buka, dermatologist to the stars – including Sarah…