Botox and Dysport

Author: Dr. Bobby Buka

Botox and Dysport are two cosmetic treatments that have been approved by the Food And Drug Administration. They work by relaxing the wrinkle-causing facial muscles. The doctor injects small amounts of Botox or Dysport into the skin. The deep lines will soften and the facial muscles will relax a couple of days after treatment. The full results will usually be seen within one week, creating a very natural look.

Botox and Dysport are both types of botulium toxin type A. However, Botox is onabotulinum toxin A whereas Dysport is abobotulium toxin A. Both of these treatments have been used for many years to treat central nervous system disorders, eye spasms and excessive muscle contractions. Botox was first approved for cosmetic use in America in 2002, and Dysport was first approved for cosmetic use in 2009.

It only takes about 15 minutes to perform Botox or Dysport. There is no downtime needed, and patients typically only experience a little bit of discomfort. They can also apply make-up after they leave the office if they like.

The results of Botox and Dysport both last about three or four months. You should contact Dr. Bobby Buka if you are interested in getting one of these treatments. He will determine whether this treatment is right for you. If you are a healthy person who is between the age of 18 and 65, then you will most likely be considered a good candidate for this treatment. However, it is important to note that this treatment is not intended for people who have neuromuscular disorders or for women who are pregnant or nursing.