Brown Spot Removal

Author: Dr. Bobby Buka

Many people are interested in the removal of so-called “age spots.” Interestingly, these brown spots that appear on the hands, face and elsewhere have little to do with aging. Instead, they are primarily the result of sun exposure. However, since the amount of sun exposure a person receives accumulates throughout the years, it is no surprise that the symptoms of sun exposure become more obvious with advancing age.

Although these spots seldom pose a medical risk, they do distract from the natural beauty of the skin. Although the link between the spots and aging is false, the fact that it exists in the minds of many people can make a person feel old just the same. Sometimes these brown spots are also called “liver spots,” even though they have nothing to do with the liver. Freckles, small brown spots that are primarily genetic in origin, are another form of brown spot on the skin that people sometimes want removed.

Fortunately, all these forms of brown spots can be safely removed by using advanced laser technology. In most cases, removal can be accomplished in only two or three treatments. For the most minor of spots, one treatment may be sufficient. The process is painless and is not time consuming. New York City Dermatologist, Dr. Bobby Buka,  is a recognized expert in the safe and effective removal of unsightly and unwanted brown spots. Dr. Buka uses all of the most advanced laser technology, including the CO2 Laser, the Alexandrite Laser and Pulse Dye Laser techniques.

To get rid of unwanted brown spots in a safe and effective manner using the most modern technology, schedule an appointment with New York Dermatologist, Dr. Bobby Buka, today.