Clarisonic Cleaning Brushes

Author: Dr. Bobby Buka

Using a cleaning brush a few times each day is a great way to remove oil and dirt that seeps into your pores during the course of the day. Whether you suffer from acne or simply want to improve the quality of your skin, a cleaning brush offers several benefits for all skin types. Clarisonic cleaning brushes are the most gentle cleaning brushes on the market that offers professional level results.

How does the Clarisonic cleansing brush work?
Users and clinic studies consider the Clarisonic Pro cleansing brush the most effective cleaning brush on the market. What separates the Clarisonic brush from other cleaning brushes is it’s patented use of sonic frequency. The Clarisonic performs 300 oscillations each second to gently and thoroughly clean the skin. Several clinical studies have proven that the Clarisonic is six times more effective at removing make-up and 100 percent more effective at removing oil and buildup as traditional washing.

How to use the Clarisonic cleansing brush
Dr. Bobby Buka recommends using the Clarisonic brush one to two times a day. To start the cleaning process, dampen your skin with lukewarm water and apply your facial cleanser to the Clarisonic brush head. Place the brush head against your skin and turn the Clarisonic on and allow the Clarisonic to work its magic.

Dr. Buka suggests treating your forehead for 20 seconds, your chin and nose for 20 seconds, and each side of the face for 10 seconds. There is no need to move the brush head in a circular motion because the Clarisonic’s oscillations do that for you. When you are done, turn the Clarisonic off, rinse the brush head, and rinse your face. Return the Clarisonic to the recharging station for the next use.

Incorporating the Clarisonic into your skincare regimen
The Clarisonic is by no means a replacement for your acne medication. If you incorporate the Clarisonic into your skincare routine, you must continue your acne treatment as directed by Dr. Buka. With continued use of the Clarisonic, many patients notice that their acne medication and overall skin care routine becomes much more effective.