Five things you must do to take care of your skin in your twenties!

Author: Dr. Bobby Buka

1) Sunscreen is a Must. It’s a oft repeated mantra, but I cannot tell you how many 20-somethings I see who already have declate and periorbital wrinkling of a 40 year old. Find a physical blocker that contains zinc, like FAB’s 5 in 1 Facial Moisturizer with SPF 30, and put it on in the morning like it’s your job.

2) Retinol/Retinoids a Miracle Ingredient. Whether you’re using something over-the-counter like retinol found in our 5-in-1 Eye Cream or a prescriptive retinoid, this category of ingredient has done more for keratinocyte (skin cell) differentiation than all other topicals combined. Retinol/Retinoids target evolving keratinocytes and normalizes their slough rate.

3) Stop With the Toner Already.  A dangerous make-up counter myth that toner is required for skin “stripping”. Acetone or alcohol based toners strip important protective lipids from the skin’s surface, leaving a very vulnerable, exposed epidermal surface that is more susceptible to dryness and infection with microorganisms. There are light acid peels that can be helpful in epidermal replenishment, but a daily toner can mean a regular insult to your skin that can be difficult to repair.

4) Reap the many benefits of anti-oxidants!  Anti-oxidants are wonderful, powerful ingredients for a variety of reasons. Not only do anti-oxidants help to ease damage caused by ultraviolet rays, but they can be very helpful in delaying damage to collagen from other environmental insults such as wind and industrial pollutants. Sunlight and other environmental threats to our skin create free radicals (charged atoms) than can pick apart or degrade collagen fibres over time. Anti-oxidants serve to absorb these free radicals thereby blocking their harmful effects. Our Ultra Repair Concentrate contains 3 powerful antioxidants – licorice root, feverfew, and white tea extract – that are perfect for this occasion.

5) Stay Hydrated!  Delores Krieger once said, “we don’t stop at our skin,” because the skin is the perfect mirror of internal health. Entire sub-specialties of dermatology, not to mention Eastern medicine, are dedicated to the “reading” of the skin to determine internal health. Our bodies must maintain optimal hydration to function properly and keep immunity boosted. Much of this water ends up within the largest organ of the body, the skin. So stay hydrated – this means what may seem like a massive amount of water each day – 8 glasses! So drink up, your skin and (your internal organs) will thank you for it.