How to Get Rid of Under Eye Circles

Author: Dr. Bobby Buka

If you have already tried under eye creams and would like to reduce the appearance of your under eye circles, talk to your dermatologist about Restylane, Juvederm, Boletero or other injectable fillers that fill out the under eye area to reduce shadows and get rid of that dark circle look. This treatment is one that can be seen and appreciated immediately, with an instant dramatic improvement in the appearance of the under eye area. While a few patients do experience light swelling for a day or two, in most cases it is impossible to tell that you’ve had any work done.

While dark under eye circles can be hidden temporarily with makeup, this often irritates sensitive skin and can exacerbate the problem. The sensitive skin under your eyes requires gentle treatments to look its best, and a simple filler injection is one of the most instantaneous and gratifying cosmetic procedures, with immediate results and zero down time for the vast majority of patients. Under eye care starts with a collagen boosting cream, but for dramatic results lasting up to nine months, talk to your dermatologist about cosmetic treatment options today.