How would Ultherapy reduce my turkey gobbler?

Author: Dr. Bobby Buka

Nothing shows age more quickly than having a turkey wattle. Ultherapy is probably my most favorite recommendation! It’s an exciting, new therapy for an area that dermatologists really didn’t treat before. Now, with this tool, we can tighten up skin underneath the neck.

First, we use ultrasound technology that creates micro-trauma deep in the tissue. In turn your body responds to that micro-trauma by creating tiny non-visible fibrosis in the subcutaneous tissue. That scar tissue, that fibrosis, pulls overlying skin taught.

For example, look at any one of the scars that you have on other parts of your body, and notice the contraction “pinched” appearance. That scar tissue has retracted. Subcutaneous retraction doesn’t leave any marks on the surface of the skin, but works deep down where your tissue needs to be pulled in order to lift up that turkey neck, by creating tiny, little fibrotic bands.

Some patients may experience bruising, and there is a little bit of pain when we do the procedure. We may treat you with some ibuprofen before the procedure. It will take about three months for you to notice any difference, so we have to both be patient for the skin to do its thing