I had a scar revision done from a botched mole removal – Do these go away?

Author: Dr. Bobby Buka

This question relates to a scar revision removing persistent Burow’s triangles, also known as ‘dog ears,’ and an atrophic depressed scar. Railroad track marks appeared after the removal of sutures. – Will these go away?

Puncture marks from needle insertion during the suturing will fade over time. However, they may not fully go away. While I think the appearance of these puncture marks will improve, I am not confident they will disappear entirely.

Puncture marks, or railroad track marks, are not caused by the thread pushing down on the skin. Rather, these marks are caused by the needle punctures during suturing. One can avoid these marks by performing a subcuticular stitch. The suture sneaks through, underneath the epidermis, and closes the wound. A subcuticular stitch closes the wound without the appearance percutaneous puncture marks.

The puncture marks may fade, or may remain. To avoid additional railroad marks, a subcuticular stitch can be performed.