I’ve read up on glycolic acid peel and salicylic acid peels – which one is the best?

Author: Dr. Bobby Buka

Generally, low dose glycolic acid is very equivalent to salicylic acid peels. In our office, we tend to use a bit more glycolic acid at higher concentrations that, is 50 to 70%, which is stronger than your basic salicylic acid peel. Both of these peel modalities have been shown to be beneficial to help exfoliate and improve acne vulgaris, however, in our experience higher dose glycolic acid tends to lead the way for this indication.

Glycolic acid weakens the attachment of dead skin cells, allowing for new skin cells to take over, revealing a healthier and younger looking skin. Glycolic acid also stimulates collagen found in the second layer of your skin. Healthy collagen is good for keeping your skin elastic and smooth, preventing wrinkles and sagging. Both work to exfoliate and create new skin, but for the best results, glycolic acid is the way to go. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and end acne scars once and for all!