What are two ways to avoid flare-ups, i.e., avoid skin temps and sweating?

Author: Dr. Bobby Buka

It’s basic knowledge that avoiding temperature extremes and non-cotton clothes are a touchstone for eczema. However, there are other things like extra fragrance and an overuse of botanicals in some over-the-counter products that I advise all my patients with eczema to avoid.

It important to keep it simple, that’s what we try to do with our FAB products, as well. Keeping the number of ingredients down to a minimum and putting it in our products is what we need to achieve the results intended. That goes for all patients with eczema. Things like Sstrawberry-banana bubble bath are probably the worst things that I can recommend for a patient with eczema. It tends to create more triggers due to the fragrance and colors associated with over-the-counter products.