Raquel Valdez, RN, BSN

Raquel Valdez has been an integral part of Delaware Valley Dermatology Group since 2002. A graduate of the baccalaureate nursing program at West Chester University , over the years she has seen and done it all in dermatology.  She particularly enjoys working in the field of aesthetics.  For the past decade, Raquel has been honing her injecting skills and developing her eye for achieving a look that is both natural looking and rejuvenating.  It is an art.  With an array of fillers and wrinkle relaxers at her disposal, you can trust Raquel to work with you to achieve a look you will love.  Her approach is conservative and based on your comfort level.  You will never be over-filled and when it comes to wrinkle relaxers, just know that her motto is “Fresh Not Frozen”.

As Dr. Saruk always says, “Raquel can do everything.  She’s smart, competent and caring and we’re lucky to have her.”   She’s also a pleasure to have around.   Ms. Valdez has embraced the “Continuum of Care™” philosophy from the start and is delighted to be able to offer patients her expertise in both medical and aesthetic matters.  She is licensed in both Delaware and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.