11 Common Beauty Mistakes That Can Age & Damage Your Skin Without You Even Realizing It

Bobby Buka Bustle Beauty Mistakes

BUSTLE.COM — Most of us have a pretty set beauty routine, whether it’s your makeup in the morning or your moisturizing and exfoliating at night. However, some your habits might actually be causing more harm then good, as there are a number of common beauty mistakes that can actually age your skin. Something might help you look good today, but in 10 years, you’ll begin to see the damage. What you choose to do with your skin and your overall look is of course totally your choice, but it can’t hurt to be armed with information so you can cut out any beauty habits that are unintentionally wreaking havoc on your skin.

“Every day, we see patients whose beauty practices have adversely affected their skin, hair, and nails — sometimes permanently,” says dermatologist Bobby Buka, MD over email. “Having a proper skincare regimen keeps skin clean and healthy, inside and out. Daily practices promote the long-term health of your skin.”

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