How To Look Expensive

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How To Look Expensive – A Beauty Editor’s Secrets To Getting Gorgeous Without Breaking the Bank
By Andrea Pomerantz Lustig, Contributing Editor, Glamour Magazine
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Dr. Bobby Buka
The Skin Star Who Treats the Stars’ Skin

Dr. Bobby Buka is a regular on the sets of New York-based television productions and loves the challenge of treating celebrities, often in tiny spaces with terrible lighting and just his little black bag. Buka is another big believer in topical treatments with supercharged antioxidants (his favorite is licorice root) to counteract collagen breakdown. He says it’s never too early to start to use them and he actually has his own line of well-priced, down-to-earth, and healthy-for-you (e.g. no parabens) skin products, called First Aid Beauty, sold at Sephora and frequently recommended by other dermatologists. When it comes to wrinkles, it’s his subtle touch that keeps celebs flocking to his nest. And Dr. Buka’s not one to overdo it with the fillers or toxins.”