Introducing Top Celebrity Dermatologist Dr. Bobby Buka

celebrity dermatologist

JULIA ALLISON — Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the BRILLIANT and yes, incredibly handsome Dr. Bobby Buka, dermatologist to the stars – including Sarah Jessica Parker, Julianne Moore and (college buddy) Zach Braff – who’s just opened up his brand spanking new practice in the South Street Seaport.

Although he’s been a friend of mine for some time, I only recently checked out his dermatological prowess.  It is, in a word, exemplary.  He solved a rather arcane skin problem I had last week in less than 30 minutes (even brought out a textbook to explain to me exactly what it was – and since using his treatment trifecta, it’s gone away!!), while also giving me a chemical peel AND making sure I didn’t have skin cancer (hurray!).  His own skin is FLAWLESS, and now, I might add, so is mine (well, it’s on the way).  I literally cannot say enough good things about Dr. Bobby and his medical skills.

He is, in sum, my epidermal hero.

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