The Ultimate Guide to Winter-Proofed Skin


VANITY FAIR — “Drinking lots of water” may be a clichéd answer by Hollywood elite to questions about one’s beauty routine. But as it turns out, getting and keeping skin hydrated is critical to maintaining a flawless complexion—especially in the winter months. Although, achieving skin perfection takes a bit more than just chugging some water.

To get a holistic plan for exactly how we can prevent that annoying cold-weather cycle of skin dryness and irritation, we reached out to nutrition, fitness and dermatology pros that imparted their best-ever tips for outsmarting the year’s toughest season. Think product recommendations that will actually prevent and treat skin calamities, like Clinique’s Smart Custom Repair line, and genius diet and fitness tips that help your skin cells retain more moisture from the inside out. Read ahead for your happy skin cheat sheet—and prepare to have your most flawless (and healthiest) winter yet.

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