3 Celebrity Skincare Habits Anyone Can Replicate

Author: Dr. Bobby Buka

bobby buka md

Not everyone can have a team of professionals to groom them before every public appearance, but who really wants that hassle, anyway? Keeping skin healthy minimizes the need for makeup and other temporary fixes. The people who make our favorite stars shine know this, too. Here are three ways to can replicate celebrity skin care practices at home. No weird serums or tips here, just good habits!

1. Sunscreen

It’s not the most glamorous answer, but it’s number one for a reason. Ultraviolet (UV) rays are the primary cause of premature aging. Think about all the times UV reaches exposed skin each day while sitting near a window, waiting in a car, or even on brief trips such as walking to lunch. It’s not necessary to feel the heat of the sun to be receiving UV light and damaging delicate skin.

So why do people hesitate to protect themselves? There are still some misconceptions about sunscreen. Gone are the days of heavy, pore clogging cremes (remember those colorful zinc oxide sunscreens, hello 80’s!). Modern sunscreen is formulated to be light and compatible with makeup.

Everyone should get in the habit of applying protection each morning as part of a daily routine. Remember to cover not only the face, but delicate areas like the neck, chest, and even the backs of hands or top of the head. Don’t forget a chapstick or lipstick with SPF, too! Once someone gets started on this healthy habit, sunscreen becomes part of a regular morning schedule. Years from now, it will be worth every minute of the morning.

2. Stick with the products and techniques that work

A celebrity endorsement is valuable, but not only the famous can be loyal to a product or brand. If something works, it will keep working unless the formula, or personal skin balance, changes. This applies to toners, cleansers, exfoliating products, lotions, and other products from a dermatologist or beauty store.

Advertisements and promotions (or even the right celebrity face!) can tempt people to try a new brand, which is great if they’re still seeking what’s right for them. And while new techniques and advancements in technology can have major benefits, it’s not necessary to try the latest trend just for fun. Getting the right combination of products and services takes time, so switching shouldn’t be necessary too often. After working with a professional and at home through trial and error, people should feel confident that they’re found what works for them, and continue with pride.

3. Take time daily for self-care

Instagram is full of celebrities pampering themselves with a day at the spa, posing with a dermatologist who travels with them, or enjoying a luxury treatment in an exotic setting. Thanks to the variety of home products and treatments, the same results can be replicated without flying away to Dubai or detoxing for a week.

Face masks are popular choices, with some celebrities even photographing themselves applying the masks at home. Available in a range of prices and brands, masks can help hydrate the skin, increase circulation, kill bacteria and address particular skin problems such as redness or acne.

Eye masks to treat the area under and around the eyes are also popular, with some famous people swearing by certain brands. Trendy masks currently include those with revitalizing ingredients, line reducing effects, or even microcurrents of electricity. A natural mask to try at home is cold cucumber, grated or in slices, which can help reduces puffiness around the eyes.

Frequent, consistent self-care is the key to forming healthy habits. The best way to replicate celebrity skin is to adopt positive, healthy habits. Good skincare isn’t just for those who appear on camera. Everyone should take the time to pamper themselves like a star.

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