BOTOX Can Slash Those Migraines

Author: Dr. Bobby Buka

Botulinum toxin has an indication for treating migraine headaches. Unfortunately, it depends on where you inject Botox to achieve results to alleviate migraines.  This falls under a neurologist’s purview and can only be reimbursed by insurance when it’s performed by a neurologist for that important indication.

Some of our patients who were treated with Botox for wrinkles have mentioned experiencing an improvement of their migraines or tension headaches. However, this is a corollary benefit of using botulinum toxin for wrinkles. To get treated for migraine or tension headaches with Botox, you would need to consult with a local neurologist. Botox works for migraines because there is a muscular or tension headaches. The muscle bands around the scalp firmly contract, causing pressure on the calvarium or skull. Botox can be very helpful in releasing some of this muscular tension.