Can microdermabrasion take away deep acne scars from teenage years?

Author: Dr. Bobby Buka

Unfortunately not. Microdermabrasion, although very easy to find at various spas and some dermatology offices, is limited by its lack of strength.

Microdermabrasion consists of tiny silica or sand particles that help the surface of the skin. By doing so, some of the top layer, or stratum corneum, is removed and you can leave the office or the spa looking slightly pink. The next day, new stratum corneum will form and you will look fresher and less tired.

For a quick pick-me-up, microdermabrasion is great. However acne scars lay much deeper in the surface of the skin at the level of the dermis. That’s nearly seven layers of epidermis and an additional four to five millimeters further into the skin. That’s where scar tissue lies.

Microdermabrasion does not get down deep enough to correct that level of skin disrepair. However, there are modalities that can be very helpful for acne scarring, most notably the carbon dioxide laser, which could penetrate four to five millimeters into the skin and address scar tissue that’s formed at that level.