Does Botox lose its effectiveness over time? What should I do?

Author: Dr. Bobby Buka

Botox improves effectiveness over time, because muscle fibers that have been impacted by this neurotoxin do not return to 100% function after each sequential treatment. Patients that are receiving Botox for the first time will notice that it only lasts for about three months. Whereas patients that have been doing it multiple times over several years see results lasting closer to six months. This is because those muscle fibers are consecutively weakened.

We have seen issues of antibodies forming to particular brands of neurotoxins. Oftentimes, patients may hit a wall in terms of efficacy for one particular brand of Botulinum toxin, which is where their body gets used to that exact chemical composition. When this happens, we advise our patients to switch to a competing brand. By doing this, we can still obtain the same efficacy that we did with our original injection formula.