Eyelash Enhancement

Author: Dr. Bobby Buka

In early 2008, an innovative concept was created that has changed the way people look at eyelashes forever. Since many people, both men and women, have thin and very light eyelashes, they can choose this new treatment. Latisse was established as an FDA approved treatment for eyelash enhancement. Created with bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03%, Latisse is a topical solution that should be applied daily. According to a recent clinical study, patients who are utilizing Latisse experience noticeable improvements within two months and complete results after only 4 months of usage.

Dr. Bobby Buka has worked with thousands of patients in New York City, New York who have used Latisse and experienced truly amazing results. As with any treatment, Latisse does have some minor side effects. 5% of patients have reported an itching sensation and minor redness of the eyes. Very few patients have experienced a rare darkening of the eyelid’s skin, but Dr. Bobby Buka states this is reversible and not a serious issue. Patients who use topical bimatoprost for the treatment of glaucoma have noticed a change in the eyeball’s pigment. Although this is not a side effect for patients who utilize Latisse on their eyelashes, it is a possible theoretical side effect that patients should be informed of.

The results that Latisse create definitely outweigh the possibility of any side effects. Latisse is incredibly beneficial to patients and many users in the New York area have truly been astonished by the improvements to their eyelashes. If interested in a free, no obligation consultation, patients can contact Dr. Bobby Buka’s office to schedule an appointment today. For healthier, thicker, and more beautiful eyelashes, Latisse may be just the answer.