How often can I exfoliate my face without hurting it?

Author: Dr. Bobby Buka

Exfoliation generally isn’t recommended by dermatologists, since a lot of the natural oils that protect your skin are stripped in the process. However, some of my patients really enjoy a bit of grit to their facial cleanser; I think doing this two or three times a week should not be too deleterious to your skin surface. Certainly, doing it once a day or more often than that can not only strip important oils from the surface of your skin, but can cause micro-trauma to the epidermis. This makes your skin more susceptible to bacteria, viruses and dryness.

With the apricot scrub I know well, using it two to three times a week is fine. I recommend a facial polish by First Aid Beauty for two to three times a week use, both of which can give you a nice, exfoliated, clean feeling without harming your skin.