How to Get Younger Looking Hands

Author: Dr. Bobby Buka

The skin on your hands is a dead giveaway to your real age, no matter how good your face looks. Much like the skin on your face, time and exposure shows on your hands. Your hands might appear older because of sun damage, age spots, or even volume loss. Skin on the hands wrinkles just as it does on the face.

The way to make sure your hands look as young and gorgeous as your face is to take just as much care of them as you do your face. The same skin regiment you use on your skin should be applied to your neck and hands. In addition to this, you can try skin rejuvenation to help your hands appear as young as your face.

Hand rejuvenation can be performed with a healthy combination of fillers and lasers. First, lasers are used to resurface your skin to help reduce the appearance of sun spots. This laser technology stimulates the collagen in your hands. Younger, renewed collagen makes your hands appear fuller and less wrinkled. Then dermal fillers, like Radiesse and Perlane, correct volume loss to counteract the gaunt appearance of the aging hand.

It doesn’t matter how much time or money you spend making sure your face is young forever if your hands are out of step. Hand rejuvenation reverse the affects of age on your hands and helps you to look younger all over.