I have a vein under my eye that I would like treated.  Is facial sclerotherapy a possibility?

Author: Dr. Bobby Buka

Blood vessels of the face are different than blood vessels anywhere else on the body because these veins can have deeper connections with critical veins and arteries of the face, most notably the ones responsible for delivering blood supply to your eyes and brain. Therefore, it is difficult to use sclerotherapy in this area because we don’t want to irritate the connections of these blood vessels with vital structures within the cranial vascular plexus, P-L-E-X-U-S. It is my experience that it is very difficult to find a vascular surgeon who is willing to do sclerotherapy in this area.

Depending upon the size of this venule, it may still be amenable to superficial laser therapy with the pulsed dye laser. Agreed, telangiectasias, or spider veins are much more amenable to laser therapy, however, there are instances where the venule is small enough on the face to treat with laser modalities. Other suggestions for veins on the face may be venous stripping, which would be performed by a vascular surgeon.

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