I want to be safe, so I use sunless tanner, but I look like a carrot!

Author: Dr. Bobby Buka

Dear, carrot. That sounds awful. I think that you have the right idea, which is sunless tanners, because you get the benefits of a solar glow, without the deleterious effects of ultraviolet light, which, as you know, can cause skin cancer and facial wrinkling. So, I think we just have to find you the right sunless tanner, so you don’t look orange and your face doesn’t break out, but you can still look tan.

I think, without getting too much into specific product recommendations, the one my patients seem to like the best, which is also the cheapest, is Jergens Sunless Tanner, and that one seems to eliminate some of this common orange glow and gives you more of a tan look.

The reason that sunless tanners work is because of a chemical called DHA. DHA interacts with the amino acid on the surface of your skin and renders that bronzeness, and less orange color. I love sunless tanners. Based on the concentration of DHA, it can give you more of an orange look, than a brown look. But, the idea is for the DHA to interact with amino acids on the surface of the skin, and to not have any absorption into your body. So, they’re very safe and give you a nice brown tan, based on that chemical interaction, instead of orange