Is Fraxel Dual safe for African American Skin?

Author: Dr. Bobby Buka

Fraxel Dual is a wonderful Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment for acne scarring. However, the treatment’s results are uniquely operator-dependent. This means that the setting of the laser can be fixed very low, which makes it safe for African American skin. It can also be set too low and not be powerful enough to affect any real change in the skin. Yet if the laser is set too high, you may see more issues with skin of color. In these cases, permanent skin lightening and worsening of scar tissue may occur. Nevertheless, higher levels have more potential of improvement of scar tissue and skin texture.

It is critical that you select your board certified dermatologist with great care. There needs to be a happy balance between the laser settings and the dermis (or deep layers of skin). The laser needs to go deep enough to affect real change, but not so deep as to create issues in skin of color. But, as far as the modality itself, yes, you picked the right one with a fractional CO2 laser.