Is the Erbium-YAG laser suitable for syringomas in the eye?

Author: Dr. Bobby Buka

The Erbium- YAG laser is not my first choice for syringomas around the eye. Our practice typically uses a fractional CO2 laser that is more ablative for deeper penetration into the dermis, which is where syringomas lie.

However, Erbium-YAG lasers are still in the ablative category and you may see some improvement using this laser for syringomas. With this laser, you will see less downtime, less scabbing, less weepiness, less peeling, and less bleeding after a treatment session. Since the Erbium-YAG laser does not penetrate as deeply as the CO2 laser, it’s my second choice for use on syringomas for eradication of these pesky, benign lesions.