I’ve heard you can freeze fat away. What does that mean?

Author: Dr. Bobby Buka

There is a new device that is called “CoolSculpting,” and it’s a freezer box attached to a cord, and it also contains a vacuum in that freezer box, and you put the hand piece over a section of fat, and the hand piece will suck up into it some rolls of fat, or love handle, or some thigh fat. Once that fat is sucked up into the chamber, it’s like a giant hickey. Once it’s in the chamber, then the chamber becomes exceedingly cold, under -20°C. And, that cold temperature will cause that fat to die.

So, it’s interesting. This therapy was discovered because kids would put popsicles in their mouth and they would get what’s called “a popsicle panniculitis,” where the popsicle was against the inside of their cheek, and their cheeks became so cold that it became painful and red and very firm. And, people were finding that the fat in that area would then die afterwards, and the cheeks would become a bit sunken because of the popsicle panniculitis.

So, some very smart guy thought, “Well, let’s apply this to the cosmetic world.” And, now we’re inducing fat necrosis. We’re inducing death of the fat cells by bringing the temperature so low that the cells open up and they explode. The cell membrane becomes porous and the fat spills out of those cells. Once the fat is out of the cells, then your body’s own lymph system picks the fat and delivers it for excretion. So, that is called “CoolSculpt,” and that’s freezing fat away.