Laser Birthmark Removal Prices

Author: Dr. Bobby Buka

laser birthmark removal

Birthmark Removal New York

Birthmarks can be a quirky splash of character or a royal eyesore. For every one person that embraces their markings with pride, there are one or more that wish they could take a magic eraser to their skin, vanishing the stain for good.

Well, it’s not as easy as a magic eraser, but birthmark removal is more than possible. Specifically, laser birthmark removal is a popular and effective procedure that clears skin of irregular marks and discoloration through light and heat. The cost and method depends on where your birthmark is and how big it is, but the result is the same: goodbye to your birthmark, and hello to clearer, smoother skin.

Understanding Birthmarks

Before we get into the detail of laser birthmark removal, it’s important to understand what birthmarks are, the forms they take, why they form and what you should do about them — if anything.

A birthmark, by definition, is a benign irregularity of the skin that shows up either at birth or within a month of birth. They can occur anywhere on the skin, and are extremely common: about 80 percent of babies have some kind of birthmark.

There are two main types of birthmarks, each characterized by specific forms:

  • Pigmented: Birthmarks caused by excess pigment cells, as exemplified by…
    • Moles: Small spots on the skin, often brown in color, sometimes raised.
    • Caf au lait spots: Spots named after “spilled coffee” appearance on light skin, appearing darker depending on skin shade. Can be any size, and may fade over time.
    • Mongolian spots: Gray-blue spots that often turn up on backs and bottoms, slightly resembling bruises.
  • Vascular: Caused by increased blood vessels, as exemplified by…  
    • Salmon patches: Flat, salmon-colored marks colloquially called “angel’s kisses” or “stork bites”
    • Strawberry mark: A red, benign growth of endothelial cells, which line blood vessels. They often shrink or disappear by age 10.
    • Port wine stain: Named for spilled wine, this dark splashy birthmark often show up on the face and don’t disappear on their own

Most birthmarks are harmless. Some go away on their own, others are unobtrusive or even considered attractive (beauty marks, for example). That said, many people feel self-conscious about unusual or distracting marks and may choose reduction or removal for cosmetic reasons.

How Laser Birthmark Removal Works

Before laser technology, birthmarks were often excised using a scalpel or sanded down through dermabrasion. Lasers are more effective, less intrusive, and less painful when it comes to birthmark removal. But how do they work?

Lasers produce short, pure, intense bursts of one-colored light that passes through the top layers of skin membrane to fragment the irregular pigment microscopically. For pigmented birthmarks, some pigment comes off in the crust that forms after treatment, some is absorbed back into the skin, and a small amount remains invisible in the skin. For vascular birthmarks, lasers cause the blood vessel to be clotted, sealed off, then destroyed and absorbed.

Your dermatologist will choose the laser’s strength and color depending on your birthmark’s size, type, and coloration. The number of treatments necessary for removal will depend on these individual factors as well.

Lasers don’t work on all birthmarks, so you’ll have to consult your dermatologist to have a treatment tailored to you. All birthmarks are unique, so it follows that their treatments will be too.

Laser Birthmark Removal Prices

It’s wise to learn more about the costs behind your professional birthmark removal before booking an appointment! At Bobby Buka MD, our goal is to best serve you, our client, as you make the decision on removing your birthmarks.

As mentioned, birthmarks come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. These factors do affect our pricing, as each birthmark is unique and our removal process is personalized to best cater you.

Costs of Laser Birthmark Removal in NYC

Our team of skilled medical professionals at Bobby Buka MD will assess your birthmark to determine an optimal method for removal. The lesion will be cleansed and sterilized,  numbing medication infused (anesthetic), and the birthmark excised either via shave or full resection. The fee for this service ranges from $100.00-$600.00 depending upon the size and location of your birthmark.

In addition, make sure to check out which health insurance plans we accept!

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