My Mole Keeps Transforming!

Author: Dr. Bobby Buka

Changing moles can often times be the first signal of an atypical or malignant transformation. These aren’t a joke! Change can mean anything from rapid growth, to new colors in the area, to any sort of itching or bleeding.

An atypical mole needs to be biopsied to see if the microscopic look of those cells is as atypical as the clinical look. This may be the first sign of skin cancer. Since there is only one treatment for melanoma, which is early recognition and excision, I would take this mole to your dermatologist for biopsy. Once it’s biopsied and we have a better sense of what the mole is actually doing, we can better advise you as to how to manage it from there.

If you have ANY inkling that your mole is changing shape – PLEASE come see us. This is a serious matter!