P.A.S.S. Treatment for Acne Scars

Author: Dr. Bobby Buka

Perfecting Acne Scar Solutions, or P.A.S.S., precisely treats acne scars with high laser energy levels, levels that were not previously used for facial treatments. This new treatment delivers better and quicker results as well as faster healing time, which combine for a better overall patient experience and satisfaction.

Dr. Bobby Buka’s P.A.S.S. treatment uses high laser energy to treat only the areas of the face affected by acne scarring. This is what sets P.A.S.S. apart from other acne scar treatments. “We are able to treat only the affected areas of the face, both scars and active lesions, by using high dose fractionated laser,” explains Dr. Bobby Buka.

Before P.A.S.S., it was thought that a patient would not have a balanced complexion if the whole face was not treated, even when using fractionated lasers that are designed to leave areas of the face untreated. “This is not the case with P.A.S.S.,” says Dr. Bobby Buka. “Pigmentation problems are not an issue, and patients of all skin tones and skin types are experiencing great results after only one treatment. Best of all, we can treat active acne lesions BEFORE they turn into permanent scars.”

Patients do experience marks that resemble small red rectangles on the treated skin areas, but these marks are temporary and disappear in one to two weeks.

Dr. Bobby Buka began using the P.A.S.S. treatment after several years of treating acne scarred patients with Fractional CO2 and Fractional Erbium-Yag lasers. This experience allows him to use the P.A.S.S. technique, which he believes is the best method for treating acne scars, to provide patients with outstanding results.