Rosacea Laser Treatment

Author: Dr. Bobby Buka

How VBeam Laser Works

The technique selectively targets irregular spots on a patient’s skin. It particularly targets brown and red areas, which are respectively known as melanin and hemoglobin.

When the laser targets a red area, its energy coagulates the blood vessels beneath the skin’s surface. As a result, the visible blood vessels collapse, countering the general redness associated with rosacea. On the other hand, the energy targets melanin found in the epidermis when treating sun spots.

Although the area being treated determines the duration of VBeam laser treatment, the procedure takes a short time. Prior to the procedure, Dr. Buka may apply a medicated gel to the patient’s skin depending on the condition being treated.
Removing brown spots or blood vessels requires between one and two sessions. Although some patients require only one treatment, some will need to take a series of procedures for complete treatment.

What Are the Effects of Treatment?

VBeam laser treatment does not cause excessive redness, but can occasionally bruise. Many patients resume their social events and work soon after they leave treatment. It is normal for brown spots to turn briefly ever darker after treatment, but that is temporary before disappearance.

Dr. Buka explains the expected results to every patient before starting treatment.