Sculptra vs. Radiesse: An Overview

Author: Dr. Bobby Buka

Both Sculptra and Radiesse are products used in various types of cosmetic surgery, particularly facial rejuvenations. Both Radiesse and Sculptra are products which promote collagen stimulation in the areas to which they are applied, but the commonalities end there. Sculptra is a synthetic, and being made of the same material as dissolvable sutures and stitches, adds no volume to the surgery site. Instead, it stimulates the patient’s inherent collagen production processes, which in turn promotes the addition of volume to the surgical site and surrounding areas. Administered over multiple injections, results can take up to half a year to manifest in any noticeable way, but once they have, no further action is required for at least a year (and often longer).

By contrast, Radiesse is a derivative of a material found in the patient’s own body. It adds volume all by itself, yet also stimulates the body’s collagen production response. Combined, Radiesse and this newly-made collagen restore lost volume to the surgical site and surrounding area. Radiesse lasts up to a year, after which follow-up injections are required.

Patients who wish to schedule an appointment to see if Sculptra or Radiesse is suitable for them should contact Dr. Buka at the offices at their earliest convenience.