Skin Care For All Seasons

Author: Dr. Bobby Buka


“A time to build up, a time to break down,” heralds The Byrds in their 1965 hit, “Turn! Turn! Turn!” Those words, originally recorded in ancient sacred literature, remind us to give an attentive nod to the fluctuations that accompany everyday living. When the weather changes, and oh how it changes, how does it affect skin and what should be done about it? Let’s “Turn! Turn! Turn!” to that now.


WINTER Has Come Jon Snow, So Now What?


Winter storms, you know the drill — snow, wind, rain and cold! We’ve touched on How to Keep Your Skin Healthy in Cold Weather in a previous post. You’ll want to pay particularly close attention to loss of water from the skin and steps you can take to replace moisture, like using a humidifier in your bedroom. Don’t even think about skipping your wintertime sunscreen since snow will reflect and magnify sunlight to your body and face.

Ready to get serious about winter skin care? Try our super simple and effective “Neti Pot for the skin” regimen. That’s our unique winter bathing stew-for-the-skin with ingredients that exist at home or can be purchased for less than ten bucks.


“SPRING is the time of plans and projects.”

– Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

Do a happy dance and thaw out a bit, winter is over! It’s likely that your skin took a bit of a beating over the winter months. Your skin cells will be working diligently toward some extra renewal and regeneration. Winter can bring wrinkles, sun damage and leave the skin with a dull or uneven tone. Spring gives you the opportunity to combat those problems.

Popular treatments for spring can include:

Microneedling  – a non-surgical procedure that stimulates the skin’s natural healing process

Botox – Spring-cleaning for those winter wrinkles

Laser Tattoo Removal – Give your skin a spring start over


SUMMER Loving Happened So Fast


In a duel between humans and our nearest star, the sun usually wins. Summertime equals high alert for your skin. This time of year marks the highest risk of skin cancer. At a minimum, go to the travel section of your pharmacy or local store and grab a travel sunscreen to keep in your bag at all times. Then actually use it on your face, hands and exposed skin everyday.

Most parts of the world prep for hot and humid summer months. For your skin, the muggy weather will undoubtedly mean more sweating. That’s helpful to cool your system, but it usually means buildup of oils, toxins and dirt. Have a daily face-cleansing regimen in place. Wash at night if you only do it once, and wash your pillowcases once per week.


“AUTUMN carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.”

– Jim Bishop, journalist

After the boys of summer have gone, give a great gift to yourself in the form of skin repair and treatment. Our skin needs time to adjust to temperature changes throughout the year and fall marks a trend toward cool again. That’s a great opportunity to break out (no pun intended) the thicker moisturizers again and prep the lighter lotions for their upcoming winter hibernation.

Don’t stop using sunscreen! Make sure you pay attention to any changes in your skin that the now fading summer brought upon you. Autumn sometimes means mole removal and no matter the time of year, you should always visit a doctor if you notice any changes in the color, shape or size of moles.

“Good seasons start with good beginnings,” said famed MLB baseball coach Sparky Anderson. Give your skin the good beginning it deserves and let the changing of the seasons prompt you to put a skin care plan and team in place.