Using Retinoids to Reverse the Signs of Aging

Author: Dr. Bobby Buka

How Do Retinoids Help Reverse the Signs of Aging?
Retinoids help to reduce the signs of aging in several ways. When absorbed into the skin, they work to plump up the epidermal layer. This can help to smooth out any wrinkles, creating a more youthful appearance. They also have the ability to lighten any dark spots on the skin, such as those made by being outside in the sun for many years. The longer and more regularly the retinoids are used, the firmer and smoother the skin becomes.

Retinoids Vs. Retinols: What Are the Differences?
Retinoids are the stronger of the two ingredients, being only available through a dermatologist. Retinols can be found in over the counter medications and creams, although these products do not have the same dramatic effects as those that contain retinoids.

Do Retinoids Cause Skin Dryness?
Although retinoids do not typically cause skin dryness when used as directed, some people do have a sensitivity to the medication when used in excessive amounts. When starting the applications, a very small amount should be used to see how each individual’s skin is going to react. If the skin becomes too dry, the cream could be applied only every other day until it has time to adapt to the ingredients.

Where to Find Retinoids
Anyone who is interested in learning more about how retinoids could benefit him or her should speak to a dermatologist. During your initial appointment with Dr. Bobby Buka, he can discuss the options that are most advantageous in each person’s unique case.