Watch out! These three common ingredients can irritate sensitive skin

Author: Dr. Bobby Buka

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
This irritating ingredient is a powerful agent for getting rid of dirt and germs, making it a popular addition to many soaps. However, sodium lauryl sulfate also removes your skin’s natural protective layer, which dries out the skin and can cause redness and burning.

People with sensitive skin may want to avoid the fragrance ingredients found in body washes, soaps, and other beauty products. Many of these ingredients are a common cause of irritation, even in normal skin types. For this reason, several companies offer fragrance free products, from lotion to laundry detergent.

Found in almost every powder based makeup, talc is possibly the worst and most common irritant for sensitive skin types. Made from finely ground talcum stone, talc can cause tiny little tears and abrasions in your skin, and is found in makeups commonly applied to the most sensitive areas, such as around the eyes. If you have sensitive skin, avoid any kind of powder makeup and seek out hypo-allergenic liquid alternatives without talc.

While these three ingredients are the most common irritants, all skin types react differently to different products. If you have sensitive skin, reading the labels can help you identify potentially harmful ingredients that should be avoided for healthy, glowing skin.