What can I do to protect and clean my skin after I have gone through tattoo removal?

Author: Dr. Bobby Buka

Aftercare for tattoo removal is focused on excellent hydration of the healing site, protection from the sun, and prevention of infection. These three things should be your focus:

1. Protection from the sun is best done with either a coverage or sun avoidance and also using a zinc or titanium-based sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.
2. Keeping the area well-hydrated is successfully done with a ceramide-based moisturizer, rather than a petrolatum-based substance. Ceramide-based moisturizers, such as First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream or CeraVe, do a much better job at repairing the skin’s own barrier instead of just covering it like a raincoat.
3. Prevention of infection – Once there’s an open wound after an ablative laser, it’s really important to put an antibacterial agent on that area. It helps prevent bacteria from seeding and causing impetigo or a local infection. Most commonly, we use over-the-counter items, such as Bacitracin. However, prescriptions can also be used; most commonly a medication called Mupirocin.

Focusing on these three things during healing time until the area is healthy, can be your most successful strategy for excellent healing and the best outcomes after tattoo removal.