What is the best and quickest method to get rid of the hyperpigmentation?

Author: Dr. Bobby Buka

The answer to your question depends, in large part, upon the type of laser that was used. However, generally, it’s normal for redness, and sometimes hyperpigmentation, to persist for several months following laser therapy for any indication.

I will say, in our office, we oftentimes will use a hydroquinone, four to six percent, in order to assist with the lightening of hyperpigmentation following laser procedures. Generally, the redness will fade over time on its own. Usually we’ll use either the pulse style laser (595NM) or the clear and brilliant laser for assistance with acne related pore clogging. I would recommend following up with the dermatologist who performed the procedure so that he or she can better direct treatment of hyperpigmentation following this laser procedure.

There are many ways to reduce the redness and hyperpigmentation if redness does not fade over time on its own. Are you tired of acne scars? Contact us today to schedule a laser resurfacing appointment.