Where Exactly Does Dermatofibroma Occur?

Author: Dr. Bobby Buka

A dermatofibroma is a benign growth that occurs on the skin. It usually develops on the extremities. However, it can develop anywhere on the body, except for the soles of the feet and palms. Women are more likely to be affected by dermatofibromas. They are also more common in middle-aged people. Dermatofibromas can develop in children, but that is rare. Dermatofibromas have a tendency to run in families. If you have a close relative with this condition, then you will have a higher risk of developing it yourself.

Many people only have one dermatofibroma, but some may have multiple lesions. Dermatofibromas can cause pain and itching in the area. They are also unsightly and tender to the touch. However, it is important to note that they are not dangerous lesions.

The exact cause of dermatofibromas are not known, but many healthcare providers believe that past trauma at the growth-site could possibly cause this condition. Additionally, healthcare providers have found dermatofibromas are fairly common among people who have a condition that weakens their immune system, such as lupus, HIV or leukemia.

Dermatofibromas are typically between 0.5 mm to 1.0 cm in size. They can be reddish, brown or flesh-colored. In most cases, dermatofibromas do not change in size.

Because dermatofibromas are benign, they do not have to be removed. However, many people choose to have them removed for cosmetic reasons. If you are interested in getting dermatofibromas removed, then you should consider contacting Dr. Bobby Buka. Dr. Bobby Buka is a cosmetic and general dermatologist who practices in New York City.