Dermatologist Mole Removal

mole removal new york city

Professional Laser Mole Removal and Scar Treatment

Remove unsightly or changing moles with minimal scarring using our unique dermatologic, subcutaneous (“under the skin” stitches) closure technique. We remove moles that you don’t like the look of, but more importantly, ones that fail our ABCDEs survey for potential malignancy.

Suspect moles are removed using a state of the art laser. Our NYC dermatologists then place deep dermal and superficial sutures. Deep sutures bear all of the tension of a wound, and the superficial sutures approximate the epidermal edges for a cosmetically ideal result. Deep sutures are absorbable and do not need to be removed.

On the face, cutaneous sutures may be removed after about 5 days. On the body, they may be removed between 10-14 days. Prolonged placement of superficial sutures can result in regrowth of skin over the sutures, as well as the formation of unsightly permanent track marks, so we take our sutures out as early as possible.
Sutures are available in various thicknesses that are suitable for different body sites and tissues. As might imagine we need thicker, stronger sutures for the body than we do for the face where there’s far less tension.

Our highly skilled team of New York City Dermatologists will choose the safest and smallest suture that allows the wound edges to touch without cutting into the tissue. Larger-than-necessary sutures do not add to wound strength, attract more bacteria, and end up leaving non-ideal scar patterns.

It’s important to take notice of abnormal moles. If you notice ANY changes or simply don’t like the look of your mole, schedule an appointment at our NYC Dermatology offices or our Brooklyn Dermatology offices.