Laser Mole Removal

laser mole removal

We remove moles that you don’t like the look of, but more importantly, ones that fail our ABCDEs survey for potential malignancy.

At The Dermatology Specialists, our team of highly skilled skin care professionals are trained to use the latest techniques and technology to remove suspect moles.

Can moles be lasered off?

In short, yes. Some types of moles can be lasered off by a trained professional. Previously, lasers weren’t quite effective in removing moles due to technology limitations, which has improved significantly over the years. The main problem was due to the fact that these lasers weren’t able to penetrate the skin deep enough to fully remove a mole.

With the latest improvements in laser technology, we are now able to penetrate deep enough into the skin and with enough power to remove moles without surgery!  A quick visit with us can determine if you’re a candidate for laser mole removal.

Is laser mole removal safe?

When performed by trained professionals, such as the providers here at The Dermatology Specialists, it’s perfectly safe and in most cases, the best option depending on the type or mole.

Post laser mole removal care

Your laser mole removal procedure takes approximately 30 minutes altogether depending on the number and size of the mole(s) being removed.

Immediately following your laser treatment, you may notice a small red mark around the area where your mole was removed.

From there, your mole will scab over and after about 10 to 14 days, the scab will fade until you’re left with a smooth pink mark, which will usually fade with time.

Caring for your mole wound over the course of a couple weeks post-treatment will be the same as caring for any other small cut. Wash with care, DON’T pick at it, and let your skin heal naturally.