Rego ParkDermatology

Rego ParkDermatology


100-26 Queens Blvd.
Queens, NY 11375
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Sun, Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat: 9:00am-7:00pm, Tues: 8:00am-7:00pm

Walk-ins Welcome

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The Dermatology Specialists | 50 Locations, 7 Days a Week, Open Until 7 pm!

We’re delighted to be joining this fantastic community, and it’s our honor to provide the entire spectrum of dermatology services anyone could need in the area.

Some of the most common conditions we treat include:

  1. Eczema
  2. Itchy skin
  3. Allergic rashes
  4. Acne
  5. Dark spots/ pigmentation
  6. Warts
  7. Hair loss
  8. Nail Disorders
  9. Skin cancer screening mole checks
  10. Cosmetic appointments for botox, fillers or lasers
  11. Scar treatments with chemical peels/ microneedling

If you have one of these, or any other problems with your skin, hair or nails, come check out our Flatbush office today!


Fun facts about Rego Park

  • Rego Park was the setting of the 1980s sitcom Dear John, which centered around the fictional “Rego Park Community Center.”
  • The CBS sitcom The King of Queens is set in Rego Park, and sometimes shows clips of the area.
  • Ninety-three percent of residents eat some fruits and vegetables every day, which is higher than the city’s average of 87%. In 2018, 82% of residents described their health as “good,” “very good,” or “excellent,” higher than the city’s average of 78%.[11] For every supermarket in Rego Park and Forest Hills, there are 5 bodegas.

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