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Upper West SideDermatology

Upper West SideDermatology

135 West 70th St.
New York, NY 10023
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9am-7pm, Mon-Sat
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What our patients are saying about us

Don S.
21:18 08 Jan 21
Dr. Bartholomew is the best. He is friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Thanks to his help my skin has recovered.
Phillip F.
14:55 01 Dec 20
professional safe secure environment Dr. Luke is the bomb
Elon-Robin D.
16:29 04 Nov 20
I have been a dermatology patient here since the pre-pandemic way back advertisements on the MTA buses & subways of Dr. Bobby Buka, who I believe is the founder. There were only a few locations and now they have really exploded. My skin situation is eczema which was quite bad all over me. Steroids... help but I am allergic to it. So Dr. Buka suggested light therapy. He was honest & let me know it does not work for everyone and it is not a quick fix, it is a slow process. I went for it and was lucky! I'm saying all this to say, those light therapy sessions were 2 & 3 times a week which I juggled into my work schedule for 6 months.The staff got to know me and went out of their way to find me appointments at different locations to fit my freelancing. At EVERY location I went to, Seaport, Sullavan St. Williamsburg, etc. it was like, as kind and compassionate and professional as the Owner Dr.Bobby Buka was, all the staffers & other physicians encountered were like more & more versions of him. The latest chip off the Block of their ownership TOP👆 was 2 days ago, with Dr. Freddie Bartholomew & his great assistant Latiffa. The balance of knowlege & humility in the medical field is often rare in my opinion. But THIS is the experience no matter where you go with this company, even if you change locations you won't have to worry!! This one was 70TH st UWS to have a skin check. AND the SAME goes for the reception desk experience as well, at ANY of their locations.read more
Yvette D.
08:28 23 Aug 20
I'm someone whose been struggling to grow my hair...a few inches longer,I've always had an issue with thinning edges.They may be feel comfortable and gave me some products that my insurance covered to hopefully restore,regrow my hair back.The ladies at the front desk made me feel welcome,and they... also answered all my questions and concerns.Regarding my hair growth,skin and nails.Im hoping their products will help show some sign of improvement. I decided to stop taking the Vitamin Biotin supplement and just stick with them.read more
Risilda L.
01:15 04 Aug 20
Dr. Jarad Peranteau is intelligent, attentive, analytical, brave, calm, cooperative, creative, decisive, energetic, ethical, friendly, gracious, humorous, investigative, knowledgeable, mature, nurturing, observant, passionate, responsible, reassuring, selfless, skillful, trustworthy, vigilant, and... wise. Schedule an appointment and experience it yourself. Thank You Dr.Peranteau!read more
Carole Ashley L.
04:49 22 Jul 20
Dr. Luke D'Agostino is wonderful. He's patient and knowledgable. He answers all of my questions with care and kindness. I even called his office yesterday to ask him questions about which shampoo and vitamins I should buy, and he called me back today to talk me through it. Other doctors rush you... and then have their staff answer those kinds of questions. I'm grateful his office accepts my insurance, as most good doctors don't.read more


The Dermatology Specialists | 20 Locations, 7 Days a Week, Open Until 7 pm!

Our Upper West Side dermatology office boasts a dedicated team of board-certified dermatologists working out of our unique, intimate office suitable to the West Side vibe.

This TDS location is nestled in the heart of Manhattan’s beautiful Upper West Side, known for its family-oriented, tree-lined streets, and gently urban feel. In this neighborhood, bracketed by Central Park and Riverside Park, our Upper West Side dermatology office caters to people who balance career and family, while making time to enjoy all the culture, restaurants and natural wonders just outside their door.

UWS Dermatology: Professional, Convenient and Convivial

Searching for “dermatologist Upper West Side”? Here’s why so many New Yorkers choose The Dermatology Specialists as the best dermatologist NYC Upper West Side and beyond: Our patients enjoy the vibrancy and professionalism common to every TDS office, along with a soothing, secluded atmosphere. Knowing our patients like we do, we translated the local need for a comfortable escape into the unique design of our dermatology office. Our wood-paneled walls are reminiscent of a high-end spa, augmented by hip details like a rock-climbing wall, autographed vinyl records, and gorgeous terrariums.

Even better, The Dermatology Specialists patients know that with every visit they can escape their high-stress lifestyles for a quiet and confidential refuge. Our intimate Upper West Side dermatology office is frequented by high-profile clients, including celebrities, who appreciate our high level of care and discretion.

Manhattan Dermatology Services for Common Skin Problems

From acne to eczema, we use the most advanced treatments and therapies to make sure our Upper West Side Dermatology patients get the help they need to heal and have healthy skin. Whatever your skin issue might be, the team at The Dermatology Specialists is ready to work with you to identify a treatment plan. We know that every patient is unique, and UWS Dermatology can treat your skin with the personalized care and respect it deserves.

The medical issues we treat at our Upper West Side location include:

  1. Acne
  2. Alopecia (Hair Loss)
  3. Dysplastic Nevi (Atypical Moles)
  4. Eczema
  5. Herpes Simplex Virus
  6. Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
  7. Keloid Scars
  8. Warts
  9. Psoriasis
  10. Rosacea
  11. Skin Cancers

Cosmetic Services at The Dermatology Specialists – Dermatologist Upper West Side

Ensuring that you meet your skin goals—whether you want to look healthier, more youthful, or even less tatted (we all have regrets!)— is our goal for you. Like our other TDS locations, the UWS dermatology office provides state-of-the-art cosmetic services.

Beauty is our specialty at Upper West Side Dermatology. And one beauty boost that TDS clients are hooked on is microneedling. During this non-surgical procedure, your dermatologist uses a small device to create tiny punctures in the skin which stimulates the skin’s natural healing process. The result is a renewed complexion with minimal to no downtime.

Other UWS Dermatology cosmetic services include:

  1. Acne Treatment (Cryotherapy)
  2. Bellafill
  3. Botox Treatment Injections
  4. Chemical Peel Treatment
  5. Clear + Brilliant
  6. Spider Vein Treatment
  7. Juvederm Voluma® XC
  8. Microneedling
  9. Platelet-rich plasma therapy for hair restoration
  10. Radiesse Injections for Wrinkle Reduction
  11. Restylane®, Juvederm®, and Perlane®
  12. Sculptra® treatment

Directions to Upper West Side Dermatology

Take the 1, 2, 3, B or C train to the 72nd St./Broadway station. Walk south on Broadway, (past Trader Joe’s and Sherman Square) and turn left on West 70th St. The TDS office is located halfway down the block at 135 West 70th Street.