10 Common Medical Myths You Probably Believed

medical myths

BRIT.CO — When it comes to our health, most of us will do just about anything to ensure that we’re staying vigilant and keeping our bodies and minds in fightin’ shape. Cupping for circulation? Sure! A round of the Whole30 diet? May as well give it a try (even with experts’ mixed reviews). We applaud all of your efforts to stay on top of your health. The problem, however, comes with over-information. What with conventional wisdom, official doctors’ orders, and everything you read online, it’s not easy to keep all of this medical info straight. What’s true and what’s a tall tale?

Earlier this year, an insurance company surveyed over 2,000 respondents about a series of medical myths to find out which ones we’re most likely to believe. You may be surprised to learn that these statements aren’t true — but you won’t be shocked that so many of your fellow Americans believed them too.

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